News - 5/16/2022

Added Six Dragon and Malice raids.

Welcome to GBFRaiders, a raid-finding website for Granblue Fantasy.

Search for a raid in the text field above and watch them appear in real-time below. Click on the raid's row to copy the raid ID to the clipboard and paste it into the raid ID field in GBF.

Never Miss A Thing

Setup desktop and audio notifications to be sure not to miss a single raid even while working on something else! Clicking on a desktop notification will copy a raid ID or directly join a raid just like when using the site. You can set custom audio notifications for even more uniqueness.

See Things The Way You Want

Switch the layout mode to Vertical to have a separate column for each raid type with separate notification settings for each. Set the Info Level to control how much information about the raid is visible, either to save space or to see Twitter messages.

Open Source

The source code of this site can be found on GitHub. Review it all you want, to see how things tick or to make sure your data is safe. Fork your own copy to run a custom version for yourself or your clan.


GBFRaiders has a companion Chrome extension: GBFRaiders 2. Think of a simplified version of the site that works even when you don't have my main site open.